Recognition and Development

The biggest advantage a company has in achieving results with a high level of excellence is its people. WHB therefore places value in its employees and consistently implements development programs. Professionals are specialized and therefore carry the most responsibility for expanding knowledge among new talent.

The company maintains its “Prata da Casa” (‘Home-Grown Talent’) program, which prioritizes opportunities for professional growth through internal recruitment. The company also offers the “Eu Indico” (‘References’) program, which functions as a referral system during the selection process and allows individuals recommended by employees themselves to be prioritized.

WHB Automotive’s professional internship and youth apprentice training programs help young people to enter the workplace, with the goal of preparing them for the labor market and carrying out their professional activities. These programs are essential in assisting young people that are seeking out a chance to enter the labor market and gain valuable work experience.

Eagle Eyes Program

The company’s ‘Eagle Eyes’ Program involves factory initiatives developed for the purpose of stimulating and recognizing creativity and engagement among employees. Through this program, we seek to encourage our employees to identify opportunities for savings and improvements to production processes.