WHB Automotive is a world-class company and the only one to offer customers the four manufacturing processes on the same site: Iron and Aluminum Casting, Forging and Machining. WHB Automotive is a genuinely Brazilian company located in Curitiba, Paraná.

Founded in 1993, a family business relying on national capital, was born from the passion of founder Teodoro Hübner Filho for machining automotive parts, and it grew according to the needs of the market, aiming to meet the demands of customers. With the start in Machining, Iron Casting, Forging and Aluminum Casing were assembled.

The entrepreneurial vision of WHB’s founder was passed on to his sons Adriano Hübner and Magaly Hübner Busato, as well as to his son-in-law Roderjan Busato and the executives that are part of this group. This allowed the company to establish a culture based on dynamism, agility and excellence in the manufacturing of metal parts.

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The success of the company’s products mainly stems from its focus on quality, agility in development and, above all, respect for customers.

WHB Automotive achieved a higher level of professionalism through the corporate governance process that began in 2013. Today, the company relies on a strong governing body comprised of market professionals. In 2022, WHB Automotive’s Administrative and Corporate Council was established, and the company’s CEO was elected. Magaly Hübner Busato, daughter of the company’s founder, is currently tasked with expanding the company's horizons without losing sight of the foundations on which it was built.


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