To establish WHB Automotive as a global reference in machining, forging, and aluminum and iron casting and a company that seeks to go beyond its customers’ expectations through the use of innovative technology and continuous quality improvement. Social and environmental responsibility and the appreciation of our human talents aggregate value by generating self-sustaining growth.


  • Customer Satisfaction – Attract and retain customers by consistently exceeding their expectations.
  • Profit – The company’s oxygen – Profit generates self-sustaining growth, which is what moves the company and allows it to breathe.
  • Innovative technology – Ability to seek out unique solutions through creativity and technological innovations.
  • Commitment to quality – Seeks out excellence in the continuous improvement of processes.
  • Placing value in human talent – Seek to develop talent through motivation, guidance and training in order to guarantee a high level of commitment and effective participation among all employees.
  • Ethics – Ethics is the foundation for everything, the building of trust between customers, the company, and the community.