WHB actively works on initiatives aimed at achieving sustainable growth that contributes to improving the company’s environmental performance indexes.

Indicators for the reduction of water and energy consumption and the control of gas emissions are monitored monthly through EMS, a sector specialized in environmental management.

The company has developed a project involving the use of a water collection system for production molds and the reuse of rainwater in humidification during sand preparation. The raw materials used at WHB Automotive are made from recycled metals, and the company seeks to develop initiatives aimed at reusing components that are part of the production process.

WHB believes that awareness is a key part of the process and individual behavior is essential in achieving growth.

ISO 14001:2015

Quality and Environment Policy

WHB Automotive, a manufacturer of iron and aluminum cast and steel forged parts and metal parts machining service provider, has established a high level of quality and concern for the environment as essential values as it moves towards business success and sustainability. The company considers the following aspects to be essential in carrying out business activities:

  1. Acting with a focus on the satisfaction of customers and stakeholders, adhering to national and/or international legislation applicable in the areas in which it manufactures and commercializes its products;
  2. Seek to add a high level of value to its products, processes and services, adopting the use of innovative technologies with a commitment to protecting and conserving the environment, as well as implementing best practices for environmental prevention;
  3. Continuously improving products and processes, aligning them with their life cycle, focusing on environmental impacts, reducing energy consumption, the generation of solid waste, liquid effluents and atmospheric emissions;
  4. Develop talent by offering motivation, guidance and training in order to obtain a high level of commitment and effective participation among employees;
  5. Lead company initiatives through means of carefully planned objectives.

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